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Crossword Weaver
"I tried every crossword program and yours is the best." Leon

"You all are the best.  May I add that my department has a puzzle maker which is soooo not user-friendly that I searched the internet for another one and that is how I found your software.  There are so many options for making a puzzle, the software is easy to use and help is a click away.  Your company and product are the best in my book! Happy holidays to you all."  Carl

"I love the Crossword Weaver and the students love the puzzles.  It's a great way to review key terms.  I use it to review the syllabus, terms for writing techniques, past and present tense verbs, and much more...it's very easy and fun for me to make the puzzles.  Thanks again." Mike

"I just finished composing a puzzle using Crossword Weaver and the program is an answer to my prayers." Edward from Ohio.

The puzzles are easy to make, the kids love them and learn from them.....what more could a teacher ask for?

"I love this program!  Used my first crossword on test taking skills in my class and the students loved it!!!"

"I have used a different crossword creation software for several years until it "died" approximately a week ago.  While quickly trying to find replacement software, I stumbled upon Crossword Weaver.  I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with your product.  It is so versatile and easy to use that I wish I had found it years ago." Janice

"I like your product very much.  It features the most elegant interactive layout of all software solutions I've seen online."
Nick from Texas

"I LOVE your program and use it for my English as a Second language program. P. S. I have requested that all of my teaching staff use your crossword program and they all rave about it.  Thanks. Hundreds of ESL students have done their first crossword puzzle through you!" Susan

"Dear Makers of Crossword Weaver, I'm a homeschooler and former public school teacher who teaches in a co-op situation with other homeschoolers.  I've used your crossword maker for reviews for my students for several years now. 

I have yet to give it terms that it cannot find a way to fit into the puzzle.  I used Crossword Magic when I taught school and invariably I would put in some terms that the puzzle maker couldn't find a way to fit in. 

I've used your program to create Biology and Chemistry reviews, Government, History... well you get the idea. 

I'm really impressed and pleased with this program.  It was worth every penny I spent on it. 

Also I really like how all I have to do is re-download it and use my code to reinstall it when my computer crashes and I have to reinstall the whole thing.  What a GREAT product!" Esther

"Very cool software. Easy to use, intuitive program with excellent results in minimum amount of time." Will from Georgia
"This is great! the best crossword maker I've ever tried. Makes a crossword puzzle out of the words you tell it to. Super easy to use." Vanessa

"You guys ROCK !!!  Thank you so much !!!  Microsoft should take lessons from Variety Games Inc....life would be so much less frustrating for us consumers  :} Thanks again, Angela "

"I showed your program to [my students]. They are using it to practice their spelling words and are so excited about it. They are 6th graders and making their own crosswords and seek 'n finds. They argue whose turn it is next at the computer to work on the project, and then sit to work out their puzzles. Its a fantastic tool for my classroom. I don't have to force them to study this week anyway. Thanks for your help." Amy from McLoud Oklahoma

"I researched many puzzle maker demos. I want a sophisticated program that can put a lot of theme words in a puzzle. Yours is the best." Tom from Georgia
"Several teachers wanted me to evaluate crossword software. Yours is the most user friendly and meets our needs the best." Calvin from Iowa
"I like the program VERY much. Been looking for days to find such a program in all the stores in my area." Michael from Texas
"I wanted a crossword puzzle, so I asked my husband to see what he could find. I found Crossword Weaver on my computer the next morning. It’s just what I wanted! My husband says that when all of the other teachers see this they’ll all want it too." Nancy from Texas
"I have been looking for crossword software for two years! I am very impressed with your program." Art from Virginia
It’s a fun program. I’ve really enjoyed playing with it." David, New York
"I tried another program I bought from the store. It wasn’t worth the $9 I paid for it. Crossword Weaver is much more user friendly." Jeffrey from Georgia
"I looked at a lot of crossword programs over the weekend. Yours is the best." Linda from Texas
"I downloaded the demo from the Internet and I love it!" Debbie from California
"I downloaded a lot of crossword programs. I am buying yours because it looks solid." Steven from Illinois

"I was looking for a sudoku puzzlemaker and wondered whether you had one.  Since I have the word search and the crossword puzzle makers AND they have operated flawlessly, I trust your company.  Great job!!!
Let me know.  I prefer to purchase from a trusted source rather than go elsewhere."